Monday, 16 July 2012

Leafy Moonrise

The move has happened as planned, and my boyfriend and I are finally getting around making our new house a bit more like home. It necessited quite a bit of cleaning up, some paint, and many a small repair, but it's slowly getting there. I've been working crazy hours on top of the move, but that's also finally getting back to normal, hopefully for good.

It was my birthday back in June, and I received an unexpected present from my boyfriend, Jaime. We tracked down a second-hand IPod in mint condition (I refused to go for a new one), through which he set up to create the most expansive mixtape anyone has ever made for me. So far it has slowly been filled up with both songs I know and love, and others I didn't know but loved immediately upon first listening to them.

He's also made a few playlists, one of which I'd like to share with you. For all of you who have seen Moonrise Kingdom and loved it (I've seen it twice so far!) and its soundtrack, it opens with one of my favourite Hank Williams songs which is also in the movie, and closes with another you'll recognise. The rest is a mix of old Appalachian folk, the best Dolly Parton song ever, and some 'unripened' Velvet Underground, which for some reason, works perfectly well with the rest.
So if you're stuck in the city and are wishing like me that you could take some kind of a road trip to the fresher countryside, turn the fan on high, close your eyes, and pretend you're driving through a cool, cool forest with a sweet breeze blowing in your hair. Almost works.

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