Friday, 8 July 2011

Note to self and other projects

I went to see Midnight in Paris for a second time tonight --you know, under the excuse that I might NEVER be able to see it again in theatres and all and all, excuses excuses, but well, this movie left a particularly great impression on me-- and I once again came out of the cinema with a very optimistic view of life in general, of the worth of hard work, and a taste for starting many projects. Amongst those projects, repairing my sewing machine in order to work on this little piece inspired by the movie:


(Stills from Midnight in Paris)
Of course, I'm no great seamstress, but I'll be satisfied if I can produce some kind of a ribbon-trimmed knee-length shift dress without a pattern. Wish me luck (or let me know where I can find a basic pattern on which to base my dress, so I need a bit less luck hehe)!
Also, American expats in Paris in the 1920s:


  1. hmmmm, I have a great pattern for a simple shift dress. I got it from the built by wendy book which was at my local library. You should have a look and see if your library has it because i use it all the time!

    If you cant find it perhaps there is some way I can get it to you, or something.

    And good luck, it should be a breeze I'm sure!

  2. Jessicat: I have looked on the websites of all the libraries I have access to and I can't seem to find it anywhere! I would be very grateful if there could be any way you could send it to me... I could make you a care package full of handmade/vintage goodies in exchange? E-mail me if there's any way we could work something out!

  3. I can't wait to see that film, I do adore Marion (and that dress !!!)
    Have you seen "Little White Lies" with her in it, I saw that one twice, some films just need a second viewing to soak it all in !!!

  4. Mandy: I haven't seen "Little White Lies" yet, but I really want to see it! Funnily enough, the literal translation of the French title is 'The little handkerchiefs', which I find is such a silly name!

  5. I have seen Midnight in Paris three times, and when I walked by my local theater yesterday and it was still playing, I considered seeing it again.

    Perfect movie.

    Next year, Allen is coming out with "The Bop Decameron," a modern day Decameron. Already having fits of anticipation.



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