Monday, 6 June 2011

My New Year


I turned 21 Sunday the 5th, and the days surrounding my 'new year' were particularly interesting and enjoyable. Friends of my boyfriend visited us from out of town unknowing of the event, and we ended up eating delicious food (piri piri chicken and a kouign amann for birthday cake!) and drinking beers on the front porch.

Upon coming back from a precipitated visit to my parents at the end of last week, I went to see Woody Allen's new film Midnight In Paris, which appealed to me in a way no movie had in a long time. I can see why some do not consider it to be one of his best, but so many parts of it resonate with my tastes and personality that seeing it made me excited again at working hard at doing what passionates me. My response to it is more emotional than rational, but I believe this is a good sign - does this happen to you as well?

I received beautiful, unexpected gifts. Amongst them, a portable record player, a record by Bridget St. John, whom I didn't know but cannot stop playing en boucle now, and Patti Smith's Just Kids which I have trouble putting down - I have been surprised by a sudden hunger, having lost notion of time, forcing me to finally put it down after I don't know how many hours of still reading. It's having a very similar, emotional effect on me as Midnight In Paris, and I am now looking forward to the months to come no matter where I end up working or what I end up doing with myself.
My 21st year is starting in a great manner, hopefully a sign it will be a great year.


  1. yay! 21! congrates on being mature. Is this drinking age in canada the same as america? Here we are of legal age at 18.
    You got wicked presents too. Great Job!

  2. Jessicat: Thank you! And no, drinking age in Canada varies between 18 and 19 depending on the province where you live (I got to drink at 18 haha).

  3. I'm so excited for Midnight in Paris - everyone whose taste I share/like has loved it so far, so fingers crossed! It seems so weird to be raving about the new Woody Allen film - like being in a time capsule to Annie Hall. I thought it would never happen again! And I used to go to the cinema weekly - I haven't been for months, there just haven't been any films I wanted to see (in London) so this is big! (Scuse all my exclamation points but I do love Woody)

    I also loved Just Kids but I kept trying to eke it out in bits so it wouldn't ever end...

    Happy Birthday!


  4. oh, happy birthday! and what a great gift to receive. would love to have a real record player... i do love woody, and will forgive him almost anything for the great films has made. but even these days, he does make a good one every few years. now i'm excited to see it! xo bb

  5. I'm so keen to see Midnight in Paris, I particularly loved the poster for it. I think responding to more creative, cultural things emotionally is better than rationally - sometimes responses can't be rationalised! That's my feeling anyway. Congrats on turning 21! x

  6. Bonne Fête ! !!!!!! !
    what super gifts and 21 will be a fabulous year..please do enjoy!
    oh and i lovedddddd patti smith's just kids! what an amazing read!!! xx

  7. Claire: I really hope you'll like it! I didn't want to see it that much until my very own mother told me I HAD to see it, that it was not to miss etc. Hopefully it'll come your way soon! I thought I'd make Just Kids last too, but then decided that 'oh well, I'll just re-read it'. Thanks for the wishes! x

    BB: Thank you! I tend to forgive him as well, and I must say I did enjoy Scoop. Hope you'll like Midnight in Paris! x

    Sophie: Thank you, and yes, the poster's quite nice- and fitting with the story! x

    If Jane: Merci! x


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