Saturday, 25 September 2010

Trusted and cherished


After reading about Madelene's attachement to her beautiful navy trench coat, I kept thinking about the few items in my own closet that hold such an important place, that are an achievement in themselves. Of course, there are blazers and boots that were made or bought for my mother numerous decades ago, but there are also the practical but nonetheless beautiful finds that, while depending on sheer luck, fulfill a daily need. My short laced-up boots belong to the second category. Reminiscent of antique ice-skates with their eyelets and brown, well-worn leather, they are the most comfortable piece of footwear I own. I have had them for almost two years, and I regard with fear the day they will fall apart, probably ending up displayed on a bookshelf as a witness of past days. After months of almost daily wear, their cut-out details and tassels still fill me with pride everytime I look down. They are familiar, trusted, but also kept together by my skillfull cobbler, who asks how they are doing whenever I visit him with other enquieries.

How about you, do you own items you constantly replace, or couldn't bare parting with?

Photo: my own.


  1. These boots are gorgeous!

    I just took up knitting a couple of years ago and so now I have accumulated quite a few knitted articles of clothing. They represent hours of work. I think that when they are well worn and begin to pass away, each day any one of them dies a piece of me will die too.

  2. At the moment I'm very attached to a very soft leather jacket which my best friend picked out for me. My favourite clothing is always given to me by someone else, or something I found while shopping with a's just more special that way.


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