Thursday, 30 September 2010

To Nadya from Natalie



July, 20th, 1970.
Dear Nadya,
Hi! How are you. I am fine? I hope you are coming to the movie to-night. I don't know what time it will started. I'll see you very soon. Nadya do you have a nice time that you went boating with him, in the lake. I hope you are very busy to-day. I love you very much. Nadya yes-
terday we had a Baseball game team are Expo we won we have 16 & the other team are out they had 15. My mother & father are coming in July 26 at 1 o'clock. I think you will see me very soon. Nadya I feel sorry for you I alway say hi! to you that I know you are working very hard. Good-bye Nadya see you very soon.
Love Kisses
Letter found in a copy of Leonard Cohen's Beautiful Losers at Salvation Army. Integral text and form have been conserved.
Photos: 1, 2?.


  1. How fascinating! I always look for these types of things when looking in vintage books, but I never find anything.

  2. i love finding this in second hand books. my favourite thing was an aged map of paris and versaille which i found in a copy of nancy mitford's love in a cold climate, of all things.

    this is truly lovely!


  3. Madelene, I wouldn't find anything for years until I started frequenting a specific Salvation Army... I believe they simply neglect looking through pockets or don't manipulate the books too much so things don't fall off. So far, I've found: one photomaton picture, one yellow 'ticket for one entry', one letter, two lists. But Hannah-Rose, that map beats everything I've found so far!


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