Sunday, 18 August 2013


Vogue Italia, 2001, via the thinking tank
Guess who's had her first vacation in 6 years? Moi! (This last word has to be pronounced in Miss Piggy's voice, of course.)
My parents rented a cottage in the Outaouais, not far from Maniwaki where my mother grew up, where we stayed for a week. We had numerous visits from family members, canoed through lily pads, saw a beaver dam up close, and read various books and magazines. I got to run and jump off the deck, which is a pretty big deal for me as I'm not a very strong swimmer. I've spent the last week in Montreal, sorting through knick knacks around my apartment and making some rather exciting plans. I got called in to work during my holiday and was rather reluctant to go in, but I got to see my schedule for the next few weeks and saw I'm starting my incredibly part-time school-time schedule early, yay! All this to say, I've had my first holidays in years, and am about to have some extra time off to go to another cottage, rented by Jaime's parents this time.

In other news, I have decided to take my etsy shop a bit more seriously, and am going to try and stop making promises for big updates and not make them. I have ACTUALLY (yes, for real!) been adding a fairly good quantity of new shoes (5 pairs out of 14 I already photographed are up!) to the shop, if you'd like to have a look. I have also finally joined twitter (@uboparentheses), a century after everyone else. I have only been using it for the shop so far, but it will also be my personal account if you'd like to add me. I'm in the process of consolidating all of my internet outlets to fit the very name of this blog or a version of it, so expect a few name updates in a near future, i.e. as soon as etsy confirms my shop name change, haha!

How have you been, what's new with you?

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