Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Irene & Irene Vintage Update!

Irene & Irene Vintage Tooled Leather Booties
1970s tooled ankle boots, size 8. I was lucky enough to stumble upon them in my size (7) too! Want to be, erm, shoe twins?
Irene & Irene Vintage Seersucker Sailor Romper
1990s seersucker romper, size S/M.
Irene & Irene Vintage Liberty Print 1960s Dress
1960s Liberty print dress, L/XL.
Irene & Irene Vintage Edwardian Lace Crop Top
1970s does Edwardian lace crop top, size XS/S.
Irene & Irene Vintage Chelsea Boots
1980s does 1960s Chelsea boots, size 6.5.
Irene & Irene Vintage Suede Hot Shorts
1970s suede hot shorts, size XS.
 Ever since prepping my 100+ number of awesome vintage items for the fair, I haven't done any work whatsoever on my shop. It's quite a shame, I know, I know. However, I've been working towards getting those fantastic pieces out of the confines of my apartment and into the world, and I'm planning on having a steady stream of items entering the shop over the next few days. I've added 4 of the above items so far, and I have many more pieces in all sizes and styles coming up, including some unisex pieces. Also, as readers of this blog, you are entitled to 10% off any purchase with the code PARENTHESES10.

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  1. Hi Camille! You won the giveaway on my blog! Please contact me at fieldguided at gmail with your address :)


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