Monday, 6 May 2013

Youtube offerings for your consideration

Over the past month or so I: finished my semester, went back to work and got a promotion, got sick for a good two weeks, and moved apartments. I'm slowly getting used to my new house, job, and schedule, and in honour of my first day off that's not occupied by disease or duty, here's a compilation of ridiculous and wonderful (and intentionally or unintentionally hilarious) youtube offerings for your enjoyment. Or, you know, what one finds when one is procrastinating while writing essays. I have to say, I'm slightly obsessed with Noel Fielding's rendition of the choreography of Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights (in case you're wondering, it doesn't completely match with the original because it's a compilation of the choreographies of her two videos for the same song). It's really good and incredibly silly at once, and I WILL learn it when I'll have more free time. Love, American Style is so bad it's good, and the Monty Python Memorial for Graham Chapman is a very interesting and moving hour-long special of which I had only seen excerpts before. The last video is just plain silly, no more information needed. Hope you've been well! 


  1. Oh I just love Noel Fielding's performance, I remember watching it when it was on comic relief and laughing so much. It's brillant x

  2. Awesome bird video! Welcome to my blog. Hope we can follow each other.
    Ask Erena


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