Tuesday, 31 July 2012


By Rafa Castells, via Calivintage
By Édouard Plongeon for RIKA, via Shotgun Season
By Jeana Sohn
By Maya Villiger fro Dana Lee S/S 2011
By Coggles
By Hel Looks
By Maya Villiger
By Maya Villiger
By me.
I was about to write a whiny post on my current position towards dressing myself, and my clothing consuming habits, and the dilemma I have between the thrill of surprise in thrifting and purchasing volumes, but I stopped myself there. My interest in style and the culture surrounding clothing shouldn't be burdening me--or you by writing about it here--, and when it does, well, there are other interesting things to think about.

I'm the worst summer dresser--I don't own enough short-sleeved tops to go from one laundry session to another without digging in my long-sleeved shirt pile--and we've reached the point in the season where I feel like it's slipping through my fingers. I'm secretly longing for September (I have trouble admitting it), going as far as romanticising essay-writing and being the perfect student and thinking about, well, transitional dressing. I'm not crazy about the term, so let's just call it 'easy dressing.' 'Easy' in the way I can pick just about anything I own and not melt or freeze. 'Easy' in the way Maya Villiger's girls look: as if they barely put a thought in their outfit, but look and are more interesting--in an understated, friendly, charming manner--than anyone else in the room.

Dressing should feel just right, for a reason or none whatsoever, rather than be stressful or burdensome. I added my own version of 'easy dressing' to my long list of inspiration. I often stress about what the items I purchase reference or connote, but I'm learning not to justify my taste and purchases to myself, and assume that I can acquire many (mostly second-hand) items one month, and none the following. The above Velour skirt is, for me, an example of wearing what feels right. I have trouble buying brand new items, but after trying it on, I couldn't take it off my mind. I wouldn't have given it a second thought if I had seen it in a photo, and I wouldn't have thought I'd ever own a pink (or rather, 'faded red') denim skirt, but I've been wearing it every day since I bought it, and I just have to slip it on and go about my day.

Here's to effortless style being truly effortless.


  1. I think dressing well requires effort, no matter how easy other people make it look! This so even with a wardrobe full of things I love - I think it' because we get bored of things from time to time and until those spells past we have those occasional "stuck" moments where nothing seems to work.

    I experience this less and less though, with time, I've just come to trust that what I have works and I should enjoy them instead of finding it frustration - clothing is meant to be enjoyed.

    1. I agree with all you wrote. I feel like when I get stuck, like you I should be more trusting of what I have and of the infinity of possible combinations my clothes offer me rather than overthink colour combinations and shapes. I already do my share of overthinking when I first try x item on, and if it comes home with me, I should do my best to enjoy it rather than find stress in it. It's that part of trust and subsequent enjoyment that defines my idea of effortlessness.

  2. I've always been the kind of person to hoard pictures of girls looking awesome and easy and then feel like i can never acheive anything that looks rmeotely that interesting but doable and simple. Lately I've tried to snap out of it a bit and take to looking at what people around me are wearing. I realised how stupid it was to want to stand out (even remotely) for what I wear if I never even take note of what's going on around me. And it's been interesting. I've been trying to pull out the people who I think have made at least some effort or have some interest in being different when it comes to fashion. And it's made me aware of the fact that people just totally look cooler in photos because (for me) you spend so long looking at these cool, relaxed, friendly yet stylish looking people. I've come to notice the girls at uni whose style I really like and I'm totally taking notes in regards to why I like that. And hoping that that will allow me to finally get some consistancy in my wardrobe. Because that's what I feel I want right now. I want a small wardrobe with things that I love wearing and say something about me.

    Sheesh. Fashion can be so all consuming sometimes!

    1. I agree that seeing a photo of someone whose outfit you can dissect at will is very different than seeing the same person in real life. I find your finding inspiration in other uni girls interesting: whenever I do that at school, the experience makes me want to be more adventurous style-wise and to go thrift shopping, haha. But it also pushes me not to worry, and yes, fashion can be terribly consuming at times!

  3. I am a terrible summer dresser too - I have to struggle to think of interesting things to say style-wise when it gets painfully hot outside. all I wear are long sleeved silk blouses and shorts in the house, or a comfy summer dress if I'm going out and really that's it.. with the same pair of sandals either way. it's boring. I can't wait for the days of wool hats and layers and tights. but you look great in the denim skirt (plus I love love love your windowsill plants), I think I'm going to hunt one down next time I go thrifting - I have many flared high waisted skirts but very few fitted. and that first photo is amazing too!

    1. Thank you Lauren! Unfortunately, I'll have to find a new spot for the plants when the weather will be cool enough for me to wear tights. I'm thinking of making some kind of a faux-windowsill shelf, perhaps? A fitted skirt of the kind should be easy to find - I bought it partly because it reminded me of my childhood best friend's mother, who has a similar skirt she first bought when we were little, and that she still wears today (and it still looks great!). Fortunately, cooler weather is on its way!


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