Thursday, 21 June 2012

42C, really?

Where I'd rather be
What I'd rather do
For good measure

Photo taken back when my little friend Oulipo (and I!) could still find cool spots around the house. And yes, we usually wear coordinated outfits.
Well guys, it's amazingly hot here. With all factors considered, it apparently 'feels' like 42 Celsius. I had planned to finally do an outfit post, had uploaded my month-old photos before going out of town for a bit last week, but now I just can't bear to appear here wearing tights (!) and a sweater (!). If a rainy day comes though, they might eventually make an appearance.
I took out the 1970s bikini (a hand-me-down from my mother) I have been wearing for the past 5 years only to see its elastics had dried out, cracked, and stuck to the fabric. So I need to go practice my very favourite activity, as you can observe by the age and provenance of my last piece of swimwear, find a new bathing costume. This weather makes me wish I had organised some kind of vacation for myself, but at least I'll be able to visit secret beaches and swimming spots on my days off--new bathing suit or not.

How's the weather where you live? What do you do when it's this hot out?

All photos are my own.


  1. I have to say it NEVER gets that hot here, not in Wellington anyway. You might get that kind of warmth at the tip of the north Island. but thats a big might. But when it's hot I like trees. And being one massive island I like swimming. A lot.
    But regardless it's freezing here. I haven't turned the heater off for like 3 days because it has been raining. But it's sunny today. So i'm going to visit Katherine Mansfield birth place.If you haven't read her, she writes short stories and they are AMAZING!
    Your porch looks lovely. For doing things like sipping lemonade and whiskeys and day dreaming and things.

    1. I haven't read Katherine Mansfield yet, thank you for the suggestion! That porch was pretty good for reading and hanging out and everything you mentioned. I'm trading it for a small backyard!!


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