Thursday, 17 May 2012

Spaces, again

Carlota Santamaria for Apartamento (more here, I'd definitely live there!)
By Nike Felldin
Édouard Boubat, Sans titre, 1972, via shotgun season
By Clarisse Demory, from her blog Ensuite
by o l y on flickr
Well, friends, two days after my last post, I found an apartment! The best thing is, it's right behind the one I currently live in, and I'll be able to move in by foot. It's a bit of a fixer-upper, but it has a cosy kitchen, a small yard at the front and back, and I'll be able to have an office/studio space. Plus, rent is very reasonable for the size. What a deal!

In light of the move at the end of next month, I have been doing a lot of cleaning, so if such things might be of interest to you, you will probably see pretty great things appearing in my etsy shop over the next few weeks. Think leather shoes and boots, wool sweaters, silk blouses, and a few 1950s cotton dresses.

The above photos are a bit more apartment inspiration, since my new space is all I seem to think about right now. What I like about all the interiors presented is that they are realistic, and appear to be lived in. They're a bit messy, a bit cluttered, and overall very comfortable-looking. The kitchen in the last photo is my  favourite. It's the kind of space I would be able to spend hours in whether it be to eat, work, or hang out with friends.


  1. Congrats on the new apartment! Moving close to where you are now probably makes things so much easier when you don't need a moving van or anything. Moving is always exciting but also stressful, I am moving soon and to a different country so it is going to be stressful.

    Love the photos and the rustic look, feels homely:)

    1. Thank you Meri! I was indeed really glad to find a new place so close, it makes everything so much easier. I wish you all the luck possible for your move, moving to another country must require so much organisation and planning, and I hope everything goes well for you!

  2. love all these so much! i just recently moved too and these are such great inspiration. trying to work on getting more house plants!

  3. So happy they can provide inspiration to someone else! For houseplants, may I recommend pothos and spider plants? They're very easy to care for, and you can easily start new plants with them (my house is full of spider plants, I may have to start giving some away haha). Good luck with getting settled in your new place!


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