Monday, 11 April 2011

Weather, of course!


Today was one of the nicest days of this year so far. I am slowly getting over my mountain of essays, and writing papers and reading when the window's open and that the air smells like Spring and falling in love really isn't so bad. I stopped at my Uni's library in the afternoon, barefoot in my flats for the first time of the year. Scouring through the film criticism and literature sections always delights me; I want to take everything home with me. This afternoon, to add to my delight, the old books were smelling better and stronger than ever, you could smell them just by quickly passing by the shelves. Anyone else rediscovering everything as the weather gets nicer?

Photo by me!


  1. while its actually getting worse here today was the most amazing sunny day after days and days of wind and rain. And to top it off there was a woman giving a puppeteer performance down by the beach from our house. Everyone was eating ice cream. It was beautiful. i'm glad your feeling some warmth again!

  2. the freedom and pleasure of the wind blowing through my hair as my bike bump bump over the potholes...;)) oh and i did go bare-legged two days in a row. je croise mes doigts pour you to finish all with school...rapidement! ;))

  3. Jessicat: Lucky you, ice cream on the beach!
    If Jane: Oh yes, bikes and bare legs, I can't wait! Et j'ai presque fini, enfin!


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