Sunday, 6 February 2011

Happy things

Happy things at the start of February...






-The beautiful midday light that shows Spring is on its way;
-My new Audrey Cantwell turban that makes me want to go outside just so I can wear it (One of her acquaintances stopped me in a café of my neighbourhood a few nights ago to tell me she lives a few streets away from me, how funny is that?);
-Reading Jacob's Room by Virginia Woolf;
-Finding a forgotten coat at the bottom of a box (which happens to be the same as this one but in navy);
-Just thinking about Spring in general!;
-Going to DJ nights where I can't stop exclaiming my love for the music played;
-Thinking about learning a new language (I am yet to decide which one... maybe German?);
-Barley-cabbage-tomato-lentil soup with feta topping.

What helps you keep your spirits up these days?

-La superbe lumière de mi-journée qui montre que le printemps s'en vient;
-Mon nouveau turban Audrey Cantwell qui me fait vouloir sortir juste pour le porter (Une de ses connaissances m'a abordée dans un café de mon quartier la semaine dernière pour me dire qu'elle habitait à quelques rues de chez moi!);
-Lire Jacob's Room par Virginia Woolf;
-Trouver un manteau oublié dans le fond d'une boîte (qui se trouve à être le même que celui-ci, mais en marine);
-Juste penser au printemps en général!;
-Aller à des soirées DJ où je ne cesse d'exclamer mon amour pour la musique jouée;
-Penser apprendre une nouvelle langue (je n'ai pas encore décidé laquelle... peut-être l'Allemand?);
-Soupe orge-choux-tomates-lentilles garnie de feta.

Qu'est-ce qui vous fait garder le moral ces jours-ci?

Photos: 1 (Jess Gough), 2 (me!), 3, 4, 5 (Siri Thorson).


  1. All very nice things!

    I love that you posted 'You Showed Me" because it's been in my head for days, which usually happens when it's time for Spring!

  2. Lovely Lovely! Two things which are keeping the spring in my step = 1) Going on holiday with Jacob again next week before uni starts. 2) I was riffling through my fabric suitcases yesterday and found two dresses! Sweet Deal!!

  3. Ahh j'adore le turban! J'ai opté pour celui en velours noir... hehe.

    Ce qui me fait garder le moral ces jours-ci... mes nouveaux albums de David Bowie...

  4. Calla: Thank you! Yes, 'You Showed Me' is definitely a warmer weather song... maybe if we listen to it A LOT Spring will arrive faster?
    Jessica: Have fun on your Holiday!
    Dahlia: Excellent choix ;)! Je crois que je vais éventuellement devoir en acheter un deuxième en velours (bleu, pour pouvoir chanter Blue Velvet haha?), c'est vraiment mon accessoire préféré!

  5. The turban looks very cool on you. I'm really enjoying the books I'm reading (The Sea, The Sea by Iris Murdoch and some Sherlock Holmes short stories) - simple pleasures!

  6. Oh la la, I like your turban!

  7. oh you are so pretty camille! ;)
    the sun!!! is making/keeping me happy!

  8. Lin, Katie and If Jane: Thank you :)! I think simple things like the sun, or captivating stories are often what make the biggest impact all things considered, and the fact they're easy to access doesn't hurt either!

  9. the turban looks so lovely on you! love it.

  10. Victoire: Thank you! And thank you so much for sending it, it's one of my favourite purchases of this winter!


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