Sunday, 20 February 2011

Can we talk?






Can we talk? Can we have a bit of a silly, fashion-related discussion?

The time has come again for me to buy new jeans. I dread buying jeans so much that I usually wear my favourite pair until holes appear in places where they are no longer 'charming' (i.e. when there are chances my underwear might be seen). As I wear jeans on a practically daily basis, choosing the perfect pair is no light business, and my last purchase was the most satisfying I have experienced so far in my jean conquest: dark blue, skinny, high-waisted Cheap Mondays and I am currently inclined to try to find the exact same pair.

BUT... As much as 'I dress my own way' and all that, the one trend I usually follow is the flare of jeans, and I'm mostly fine with the look of any type of flare as long as the waist hits around my natural waistline.
-I've been seeing more and more beautiful and impractical (but what wouldn't we do in the name of fashion/have you ever tried to ride a bike wearing them?) 70's inspired flared jeans;
-I've been collecting (a very small collection of...2 pairs) second-hand Levi's 501s that I usually wear during summer, with rolled hems, but that might or might not eventually transit into my all-year wardrobe...
-The option I find the most appealing (and neutral) would be to get cigarettes jeans, but they are quite difficult to find.

In other words, what I am afraid of is that if I buy the same pair again, my favourite jeans will seem out of date before they start wearing holes.
Dear readers, what do you think?
Are we seeing the decline of skinny jeans, or can tight and flared co-exist, or should I simply only wear skirts from now on instead of worrying?

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  1. Be true to yourself! Personally, I find skinny/straight legs more practical but if you like a flare then you should go for it.

    PS That picture of the three women on the boat with their jeans rolled up is extremely inspirational. I wish it was SUMMER!

  2. I prefer skinny jeans, and find flares hard to pull off - there;s always the danger of looking too 70s, plus they don't flatter me. I think skinny or wide-leg are quite classic. Flares also look better with heels, which I don't wear.

    In any case, I agree about being true to yourself! Plus, since cigarette cuts have been in style since the 50s and 60s, I think it's a safe bet...

    I like the sound of your rolled 501s - sounds v comfortable.

  3. perhaps you should splerge and buy two pairs?...although you are a uni student arent you...that would be a costly shop.

    Oh and I totally know about the inapropraite holes. It makes me angry because I know I don't have exspecially big thighs but I get all upset about it anyway. Stupid clothes.

  4. All: Thank you for your advice! If you were wondering, I ended up with a pair of skinny navy blue pants from American Apparel(that can somewhat pass as jeans), as I had forgotten that almost no companies make pants for girls with small waists-larger hips... It took me trying jeans from about ten differents brands to remember that, oh dear!
    Katie: Yes-yes-yes I wish it was summer too! I go back and look at that photo about once a week just to remind myself that that season actually exists!
    Lin: Yes, rolled 501s are really comfortable, expecially since they're second-hand: they've already been broken in!
    Jessicat: Yes, it's quite annoying! Although my jeans usually hole somewhere around the back pockets, go figure why haha!

  5. i have skinny and the flares...
    and i mostly wear skirts...;))

  6. I really liked Cheap Monday when it wasn't considered a mid-high-range jean label and it was easy to find them for around 20$. Now that the prices have blown up I buy them a lot less... but I still love them!

    I'm more of a skinny jeans girl. I think flares weren't made for my bodytype unfortunately.

  7. i am devoted to the flares...even when they are the anti-thesis of fashion (like right now). as well, i'll always be a slave for a good pair of levis 684s. and when i wear these i feel like i'm at my strongest. sincerest.

    remember its what you feel when you wear them. feel good. feel you. and then you'll know they're the right ones. stay loyal to the ones you love and have loved you back. :)

  8. If Jane: It's good to have variety :)
    Dahlia: I found a place in Mtl called Jeans Jeans Jeans (on Casgrain) that sells Cheap Monday jeans for 46$, but their new models don't seem to fit me anymore!
    s: You're lucky to have found your match, and I decidedly agree with you: it's what you feel like in your jeans that's the most important. I ended up buying navy skinny pants instead of jeans for that same reason, they fit and feel much better than all the jeans I've tried so far.


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