Saturday, 15 January 2011

A very special gift


My dear friend Leona, who lives in Dublin, sent me the greatest package over the holidays. It contained, amongst other things, the above autograph that she got for me when she met Vashti Bunyan at an intimate show/documentary screening the latter was giving last November. I was very moved that Leona thought of me when she went to the show, and on top of that, according to her Ms. Bunyan is very lovely and charming in person!


Ma chère copine Leona, qui habite Dublin, m'a envoyé le meilleur colis durant les fêtes. Il contenait, entre autres choses, l'autographe ci-dessus qu'elle m'a obtenu quand elle a rencontré Vashti Bunyan à un concert intime/projection de documentaire que cette dernière a donné en novembre dernier. J'ai été émue par le fait que Leona ait pensé à moi quand elle est allée au concert, et en plus, selon elle, Ms. Bunyan est particulièrement charmante en personne!


  1. Hi Camille! Thank you for your wishes, that's very kind of you.

    What a great and special gift your friend got you here! The watch is lovely too! xo


  2. If Jane & Katie: I couldn't believe it when I opened it!
    Linh: Thank you, it barely ever leaves my wrist (except to act as a paperweight when I take pictures haha)!

  3. wow... i'm just speechless. you are SO SO lucky!!


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