Monday, 29 November 2010

A little touch-up

I rarely wear makeup but I find this tutorial from the 1940's more informative than most articles I've ever read in the beauty section of magazines. I like how it can be applied to anyone wanting to look more polished as it is a look that suits everyone. Moreover, now I understand how to use those tiny 'rouge' brushes (let's say it took me a long time)!


Je ne porte du maquillage que rarement mais je trouve ce cours des années 1940 plus informatif que la plupart des articles que j'ai jamais lus dans la section beauté des magazines. J'aime comme il s'applique à n'importe qui veuillant avoir un air plus soigné comme c'est un look qui va bien à toutes. De plus, maintenant je comprends comment utiliser ces minuscules pinceaux à fard (disons que ça m'a pris du temps)!

And a second one just because it's fun.


Et un deuxième juste parce qu'il est amusant.


  1. looking to the past is a great idea. subtlety was necessary then. now it's still valued by some but not all. xo bb

  2. Aww this makes me want to become more well-groomed!

  3. BB: Yes! Often, less creates a better overall effect!
    Dahlia: Haha, me too! It looks so simple to do, but I'm sure it would take me such a long time to apply that makeup, or to actually manage to follow the face shape rules... One day!


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