Monday, 11 October 2010

How have you been?


Wishing: for more time to see dear friends that moved here recently, or that I haven't seen in a long time.


Hoping: that APC is not well-known in Montreal so that I can get my hands on an eventually reduced Madras blouse from the special selection at... UO (I told you it was a quite a relationship, but my shallow self's reasoning is that no one else carries them).


Reading: Virginia Woolf's To The Lighthouse, and Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth (book report will be on its way as soon as I'm finished).

Listening: to Joy Division, Bob Dylan, Glenn Miller, Leonard Cohen, a seasonal reflex.

Watching: Telstar; early sixties images and fantastic music produced by Joe Meek can never be wrong.

Gifted: a pair of burgundy gloves from Madova, Florence, and a pair of sandals tailored on my dreams from Rome, both from my parents. They have amazing flair when it comes to gifts, even if they don't believe so.

Visited: Hull & Ottawa, been to the Victoire shoes & lingerie party (but didn't buy anything), had vanilla tea and butterscotch square at the Tea Party.

Started to write again, what a relief.

Photos: 1?, 2, 3, 4, 5.


  1. There's a little hippy vintage store right near the Tea Party! I always buy earrings there. Purses too. If you haven't been then let us go when you visit Ottawa again!

  2. I've been there over the weekend and found a beautiful Edwardian-like lace blouse! They just moved into what used to be Roy's Rubble, I'm up to go back whenever I'll have the occasion (they have a beaded sweater I've been meaning to buy for three years, seriously)!

  3. The House of Mirth had the strongest effect on me of any book I've ever read, and I'm not really sure why...also dreaming of eventually reduced Madras blouses, but not quite so likely in these parts.

  4. Claire: I am yet to finish it (it's mid-term exams time and I'm writing on something else for that class), but you're making me want to pick it up again when I'll have a little more time.

  5. you must tell me if there was anything interesting in ottawa, as i may well be there soon... xo bb

  6. BB- I will! I don't live there anymore but I still know about good addresses for food and vintage shopping as well as a few art galleries if any of those interest you!

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