Tuesday, 7 September 2010



I happen to have what one could call a love/hate relationship with Urban Outfitters. I am inspired by the clothing they sell when I see it on pictures, but I very rarely bring myself to buy anything in store. Yes, they sell some beautiful clothes, but the fabrics and cuts are too often of poor quality. Nevertheless, I enjoy receiving their newsletter because the pictures are inspiring... they inspire me to find copies, preferably used, of what they sell. I believe this is called anti-publicity, ha!

I would like to own and wear everything the girl at the right is wearing, and I would like to visit the countryside. I'm sure I would wear that jacket and that dress to pieces, they are perfectly in the colours I like to see and to be seen in. Also, I wouldn't mind having hair like that.


  1. well, I'll be the girl on the left. i heart that skrit. We don't have urban outfitters (or anything, not even american apparel) but i also enjoy the picture for secound hand hunting inspiration.
    Oh and I listened to some more Vashti Bunyan. Loved it!

  2. Urban outfitters is amazing but so expensive, and sometimes I think it tries too hard... but I still go in there a lot - just to browse, obviously! ha. X

  3. Agree 100%! Their styling is so much better than what is actually available in their stores. I always just look through their website for inspiration and then buy similar vintage pieces.

  4. Jessica: You're better off without them, second-hand hunting is way more fun! Also, I'm glad you liked Vashti Bunyan!
    Sophie: I agree! Fortunately, they have amazing sales at almost thrift shop prices after Christmas. That's pretty much the only way I end up with things from there (I once found a silk top for $10!).
    Katie: I'm glad I'm not alone on that!



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