Tuesday, 31 August 2010


I've got the lady from Baltimore stuck on my mind.




I meant to put on 'Magdalina's Dance' from the same album but couldn't find it.


  1. we just started listening to bert jansch. he's awesome awesome. yay!

  2. Great! I've been listening a lot to Vashti Bunyan too, do you know her?

  3. yeah, but i've never really listened to much of her stuff. I have an album on the computer I'll give it a re-listen tonight. I remember not liking very much when I first heard it but that happens all the time to me. I am on the hunt for new stuff to listen to at the moment, last night at work a lady suggested Edith Piaf when i told her i had been listening to Dusty Springfield earlier in the day, have you heard her? I've yet to listen to it yet.

  4. I think you really should listen to Édith Piaf, she's one of the greatest French singers of the 20th century. I highly recommend her!


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