Saturday, 24 April 2010

I do not own a digital camera

So I am bound to borrow pictures. (Someone outside my window is listening to "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band" sung by chipmunks!? Really?) Here's a glimpse of what's been inspiring me lately...
Much love for this editorial in Lurve, which reminds me of the late 60's

Spending most of my days in the park.

I'm crazy about this t-shirt, sold at Victoire and made by Species by the Thousands. I happen to have the exact same haircut as the girl drawn on the shirt, how awesome would the combination be?

Beautiful collage representing exactly what's been on my mind lately.

Beautiful hair, simple outfit.


  1. That T-shirt is crazy... and I love it ;-) Girl, you have some great style!!

  2. Thank you! I'm going to the city where it is sold next week, hopefully the boutique will still have it. I'll post pictures of what it looks like!

  3. I also am lacking a digital format. My boyfriend owns one so when i can be bothered attempting with the silly lens it has i use it. But isn't it frustrating when you take a photo and just wanna show everyone RIGHT NOW!!
    I do however own an RB with a poloroid back which im planning on using tomorrow. But I have an exam first Eep!

  4. Good luck with your exam! I was thinking about constantly taking pictures so I would enventually be able to post one a day, but I have been too busy/lazy so far. Also, I really enjoy looking at outfit posts and what other people find at thrift stores, things that are hard to do if I only develop my film once in a while. Ah well, I might cave in and buy one!


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