Friday, 16 April 2010

Forgotten and Abandoned

Gloria Swanson at the Roxy Theater (New York) 1960.

The Seville Theatre, Montreal

I have this strange fascination for forgotten, abandoned, old beautiful buildings. It must be due to their history, the people who visited them and lived in them. They carry the nostalgia of a past era never to be recovered. I find the destiny of the luxurious early movie theatres particularly tragic and interesting, as they were made to be an impressive architectural experience.

This picture of Gloria Swanson, in the ruins of the Roxy Theater, has the same effect on me as the movie Cinema Paradiso. It shows the end of a way of life and the changes within a form of art which are very touching.

The Seville Theatre was made to be an atmospheric theatre, which means it had a ceiling with shining stars and moving clouds. Can you imagine how impressive that must have been?

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