Friday, 17 April 2015


A list of various things I've been enjoying recently:

-The Leechblock add-on
I stopped kidding myself that I would have the self-control of stopping browsing time-wasting websites, or lifestyle sites I read but that fill me with self-doubt instead of providing me with *helpful tips*. I have been spending enormous amounts of time on my computer this semester, and I'd rather force myself to procrastinate constructively if I procrastinate at all.

-Collector's Weekly
Don't be fooled by the click-bait titles: most articles are in fact interviews with autodidact experts on a variety of subject matters, reunited by their love of collecting. Favourites include this article about early 20th century folk and blues record collectors, and this article about the thoughts behind Vintage Black Glamour.

-The Vault
Slate's American History blog.

-99 Percent Invisible Podcast
I discovered a number of new podcasts through Stevie's list, which prompted me to look around for even more. 99 PI is a design podcast with a focus on everyday objects and historical remnants in the modern world. Favourite episodes include Palm Reading, which is about palm trees, and Under the Moolight, which discusses Moonlight Towers and the beginnings of public electrical lighting.

-Milan Kundera's The Joke
A novel inspired by a newspaper article about a girl who stole flowers from cemetaries to give them to her lover.

- Vintage button-front suede mini skirts
As soon as the perfect one pops up on ebay, you can be sure I'll be sporting one. Now, they only appear to have been made in one size too big and one size too small, but I'll be patient.

-Breaking Away

I've been meaning to do a full post about this movie; here's the trailer in the meantime.

-Koloman Moser's Landscapes

-Traveling to England
I'm very pleased to tell you that my #oldootd/#EHCC participation, even though sometimes fleeting, has paid off. I'll be visiting Oxford, Brighton, and London in May, with the possibility of an extra day trip should the occasion arise. And by "should the occasion arise" I mean that if any of you has any recommendations, or would like to meet up for coffee or a drink at some point, I would be very happy to hear from you - just send me an email.

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