Friday, 17 January 2014


As I mentioned in my last post, I've been finding that making moodboards, lists, and polyvore sets has so far been helpful to sort through my material wishes, but also just to get the 'coveting' ideas out of the way and leave more memory space for more important things. Above is a moodboard of a few things I've been liking, considering, and just plain admiring from afar.

-Vintage polka dot blouse. Cropped sleeves, cotton, interesting collar, a bit boxy, on my frame anyway - I didn't want to buy anything for myself, but this is one of these items I've been looking after for years, the price was very decent, and I did sleep on it for a few nights. Claire, of Lola is Beauty, once wrote about only buying things you don't really need if you were really afraid someone else would go and buy the only one of it before you had your chance - a gut feeling, in a way. This stayed with me for a while, and worked really well until I just forgot about it in this last manic year. I don't get this gut feeling with much items, so it's something I can count on more often than not. Well, I had a 'moment' with this blouse, and no sinking feeling of regret after clicking 'purchase.' I mean, had I designed my ideal polka dot blouse, it would have looked exactly like that.

-Zoé G. Kocsis black romper and night shirt and shorts.
Miss Moss's post brought these to my attention, and both pieces respond to wishes I've had for quite some time. Plus, they're made here, in Montréal!! I like how the romper could be worn as overalls as well in the colder months, and I would definitely wear the night shirt as a day shirt. I've been meaning to replace a few second-hand little boys' shirts I've had for a few years, one because it shouldn't serve as anything but a rag at this point, and the other one, just because it's never suited me that well although I still wear it every week. I like my sleeves to be cropped, and my collars to be fluid, and it would be perfect both in winter and summer, tucked or untucked with rolled sleeves. The matching shorts would just be an awesome plus to be worn as actual pyjamas.

-Second-hand Bally boots.
I came across two pairs of these on Ebay in my size - I missed out on one, and the other that's still for sale is way too expensive and way too damaged for it to be worth it. I'll be patient, though, as they conform to my vision of the perfect flat ankle boots. I like pointy toes and almond toes on myself, and I like my boots to have some kind of detail on their vamp because of the proportions those create. If you ever find them in a 7 or 7.5 at a decent price/condition (although I don't mind repairable flaws) please let me know!

Just plain admiring from afar:
-Man in the Moon ring by Lux Divine.
Putting it in a moodboard was enough, I like it but don't need it on my finger, especially as I have really tiny fingers and that the ring would probably be wider than any of them.

To be fair, I'm still trying to figure out how to do this in a non- purchase inducing/coveting manner, as I'm truly conscious that by linking items I'm perpetuating something I'm trying to go against, and the same goes with my having a shop. For now, I think the best way to put things is: 'purchase carefully, and resist the possible temptation I'm laying before your eyes'... or something.


  1. gosh! I have three weeks away from the computer and you post the most amazing things! What a treat to come back to!
    As always, I am understanding of your desire to buy less and the ever continuing saga of trying to stay true to your style. I'm struggling. I've always really enjoyed the whole vintage style (like head to toe Vintage). But try as I might I can't seem to make it work. But when I find myself buying too many modern things I feel a little...I dunno...phony? I LOVE the whole 60's mods wearing pants look but have always struggled to put it together. I'm going to give up the hunt for a vintage pair (that fit of course!) and get some American Apparel pants that fit the bill...if only to put my on the right track after years or yearning to pull of a style but not having the right clothes! (and the consistently buying things that also don't go with it). It's a struggle here in Korea to stand out with that style, the whole 60's inspired, New Girl-esque look is SO huge over here. Argh, but then I'm so SO into the whole modern simplistic look too....blergh, I confuse myself...though maybe it's not that confusing!? simple 60's? Perhaps I should dress like a Beat poet? Sounds pretty cool. But anyway, I'm weary of spending too much money on clothes...we want to buy some property when we get back home! Which is way cooler than any pair of pants will ever be hoho life's little dilemmas!
    I'm glad you like Arthur Russel, there's a cool documentary on him too. I like your little compilation too. It makes good office listening.

    1. Why thank you!
      I know what you mean about feeling phony when buying too many modern things. When I started dressing in charity shops, I would make a point of wearing at least one second-hand piece just to break the 'I shop in exactly three new stores, guess which' style. Now, I would have to really force myself to wear an all-new outfit, haha! I think the nouvelle vague style might be a compromise between all of these styles? Vintage/modern without being too cutesy... No? As for American Apparel pants, I might not be able to discourage you... they're the only high street place that consistently makes pants that fit me, and I've become attached to two specific styles, so I've given up on other stores and just go and get a new pair when my old one gives up... But buying land is much more exciting than any pair of pants, very true!!


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