Thursday, 26 September 2013

Changes and updates, or September so far

I have a bouquet, a basket of news for you! First of all, I quit my job of over two years a few weeks ago, and worked my last day on Monday. As I don't really have to work while I'm in school, I have decided to take some time off to work on various projects, such as taking ballet classes after a six-year hiatus, getting good enough grades to apply to graduate school come January and... working on my vintage shop.

I've had the shop for over two years, but have been rather lazy about it until now. Doing the vintage fair last spring was encouraging in the way it allowed me to meet other sellers, other people passionate about vintage in person, but also because it allowed me to become much more concise concerning the direction I wanted to take with what I was doing. I've been collecting vintage for years, but translating what I personally like to see and like to wear into the shop has been more complicated. Some more simple, practical items are great in person, but are difficult to sell through pictures; lighting, photography material and settings are very important, but I don't necessarily have the means to invest in such items at the moment. I've been trying to experiment with what I have, with my peeling white walls and my point-and-shoot camera, and I'm getting closer to having satisfying results than I was ever before. I'm now better at doing things in my manner, without worrying too much about what's trendy and whatnot.

Taking the shop more seriously means getting my entire collection out of my 'office' and making regular updates - I've never had that many items in the shop before, and yes, that's only about a third of what I have... I've also, you know, a good century after everyone else, consolidated my internet outlets and subscribed to various social media platforms. It broke my heart to do so, but I changed the shop's name from Irene & Irene Vintage to Parentheses Vintage (to fit with this blog) because I didn't want to split myself into too many directions. I now have a facebook page for the shop, as well as a twitter account (@uboparentheses, if you like a mix of weird nature articles and photos of pretty frocks) and a tumblr blog which I use for both shop-related and personal endeavours. Feel free to add me/join me/read me/send me bad jokes and puns (and I will do the same in return)! Follow Parentheses Vintage on facebook, if only to practice your French (my posts are bilingual!)!!!

As always, since this blog (and you!) remains my first internet true love, you are entitled to 10% off whatever you like in the shop with the code BADPUNS (why not).


  1. You have lovely items in your shop. The 1930s nightgown is really pretty!! I opened an Etsy shop last year (after many years collecting vintage) and I agree it sometimes difficult to photograph a simpler item. It can be frustrating to know how nice an item is to wear and not be able to convey that properly in photographs. But your pictures are looking really great! I'm looking forward to following your shop.

  2. yay!! you have such lovely pieces! I cant wait for the internet world to see! congrats on the life changes!


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