Saturday, 2 March 2013

Shoes again

Clarks Yarra Highly Realistic
Throwing in the book I'm supposed to be writing about at the moment, you know, for the sake of realism.

via Hold Your Horses.

Worishofer Highly Realistic
2nd attempt at polyvore realism, I actually own that blouse!

I have a 'fashion confession' to make: I used to absolutely hate wedge shoes. Between the age of 10 and 17 (that means post-Spice Girls phase, if you know what I mean in terms of footwear)*, if you had told me I'd be ogling two pairs of wedges for the upcoming winter boots-less seasons, and would be willing to buy them brand new (and not just 'new to me'), I would have snort-laughed at your prediction. I used to absolutely hate wedges; actually, I've never liked shoes veering on whatever clumpy edge possible. As a child, I didn't like them in general, but my views have fortunately matured to just not liking them on my feet, and often liking them on other people's feet but just not knowing what to do with my extremities if they don't look like a human version of Aubrey Beardsley's characters'.

However, things changed as I started working in retail over five years ago. While looking for suitable shoes to support all my aching joints (I never told you, I'm actually 85), I stumbled upon a lovely pair of 70s peach-pink loafers with a slim stacked leather wedge heel. I told myself: "Wonderful! They're comfortable, and they'll match with everything! Look, they're the exact same colour as my untanned skin!" (yes, this was in mid-July). I still have them, and have not looked back. I mean, you wouldn't see me with creepers or plateau heels, but a modest "form follows function" wedge has an irresistible charm that goes well with the promise of comfort.

I'm incredibly late in the game for both pairs, seeing as celebrities have been spotted wearing them over the past two years (anyway, Google images told me so), but a good design is a good design, and as I very rarely buy anything that was not pre-owned, I have a bit of an excuse. I also went very close to buying Clarks' classic desert boots 3 years ago, decided the outside seam might be too dangerous for me, but still kept on looking for something similar.

I think that if I buy any two pairs of new shoes this year, it'll be the Clarks Originals Yarra desert boots (I wouldn't mind owning pretty much all of the Yarra collection, but I do have to limit myself), and Worishofer's 583 laced sandals in 'tobacco'. Not that I really need boots, mind you, they're a well-furnished category in my closet, but a second pair of sandals wouldn't do me any bad. Now, for the boots, in wine leather or black suede?
*While I was in the process of writing this post, Katie of Are You Awake? wrote a post about Spice Girls shoes!


  1. I'm loving these, so gorgeous!

  2. wine leather!! it took me awhile to get into wedges too. I've even fallen for flatforms now, although I look horrible in them.

    1. I agree about the flatforms: I considered them for a bit, that is until I saw a runway video of a girl wearing some. They made her walk look quite silly and uncomfortable, making me forget about them as a real-life possibility.


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