Sunday, 29 January 2012

Giving Sir Paul some credit

As I've mentioned before, I was once (and still somewhat am, those things never fully go away) obsessed with the Beatles. Still, I was never really interested in much related to Paul. His voice was my least favourite (too pretty!), his songs often seemed bland compared to John's and George's (Ringo is another story altogether).However, I recently came across two Paul-related artifacts that somewhat reconciled me with him.
First, this song. I'd recommend skipping to the middle, and then coming back to listen to the start:

Second, this silly interview with my 17 year-old favourite, Peter Doherty (those things never go away, although I'm a bit annoyed at some of the stuff he says in the interview, but that goes for McCartney as well!).

Still, one highlight, about Wilfred Bramble, who played Paul's grandfather in A Hard Day's Night:
Sir Paul: Dear old Wilfred. Later you start to realise he's an actor, but to us he's like a magic person. Now I can see that he actually got up in the morning, shaved and did stuff, but then he was just this magic guy. Wilfred was a fantastic actor but he would forget his lines sometimes. To us he was a God, and it was sort of embarrassing for him, but in a way it was fascinating.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

At the moment

Here are a few things I like/wouldn't mind having/enjoy/admire at the moment.
By Style Sightings, via.
An ochre-coloured velvet jacket.


Fieldguided's upcoming silk scarves.



My friend/acquaintance Claire Milbrath's illustration blog, Poor Gray. I find her illustrations beautiful, that's all.
*Claire, if you see this, I hope you don't find it too creepy. I came across your blog in a legitimately uncreepy manner, I swear.

Kids in the Hall, the comedy show with the best soundtrack (and drag), amongst other things. I'm pretty late on this, especially since many of my slightly older friends used to watch it on TV a good -hum hum- 15 years ago, but well, if you've never watched this show, please do so now. It was really hard not to post a good dozen (or two) of skits here.