Thursday, 22 March 2012


from Good Night, Day/Tara-Lynn Morrison

from Datter/Kaye Blegvad
I don't usually buy things new if I can avoid it, but there are a few exceptions I don't feel bad about making especially for items that are hand crafted with so much care. Above are two of those rare examples: I fell completely in love with this new sweater from Good Night, Day, as well as with the silver "eye" ring and the "hands" bracelet from Datter.
I have to admit, I don't post here as often as I could because I do feel uncomfortable sharing things I want or things I have bought--I often stop myself, forget those posts in the draft folder, and wait until I have something more substantial or less potentially commercial to share. I have difficulty with the consumerist fashion/living blogging cycle, and while I do enjoy having a look at what others consume, wear, and purchase, I'm unsure about how to deal with my responsibility concerning this cycle on this blog. I feel my blog should reflect my ideals, and that I should do my best to balance substance and inspiring imagery. Still, I sometimes consider trying out doing outfit posts, and then other days I feel like the only ethical thing to do is to write about music, films, books, and articles.
In this case, I decided to share with you those items I am coveting not only because I find them beautiful, but more particularly because I feel comfortable promoting the people behind them.

I thought I would share how I feel about the subject with you to make things clear between us, but also because I think you all have interesting opinions on the subject of the balance between inspiring imagery and consumerism when blogging.
Take care, and please feel free to let me know what you think.


  1. I have a similar issue with wanting sometimes to do an outfit post or two, but I'm the same, also, in that I like looking at what other's wear and gaining inspiration from their style yet can't help feeling it's all a little self indulgent and egotistical sometimes. Yet I still love the blogs and looking at them!
    I also don't know if outfit posts would fit in with my blog anyway, it's predominantly my photography, which is life based of course but not fashion based at all!
    I also want to express my interest in these things! So sometimes I do a random post on designs or inspiration and things I've been making.
    And man, I think if it's a good mix (like what I consider you have here with material things you find inspiring but also loads of music and film and philosophy) then do whatever you want! Especially if it's stuff from solo crafters like Tara-Lynn! But I totally understand your uncertainty. I'd love to see some of your wardrobe though! :)

    1. I'd say to hell with whether those posts are fitting or not--if fashion and design are part of your life, you shouldn't stop yourself from discussing them! I have to say, I enjoyed your few outfit posts in the past, and I would enjoy seeing new ones :)
      After reading your comment and others', and thinking about the situation, I have been considering outfit posts more seriously as a way to reduce my own consumption. More on that in a near future, perhaps!

  2. I agree. If I do post about my own things, it's usually something I've owned and loved for some time and I like to share why - in a way it helps me stay inspired by what I already have.

    Sometimes I do post about new stuff because I'm toe-curlingly excited about it, but I'd like to do that less - halfway through I always feel like I'm justifying a purchase to myself.

    But I will share about buying something new if I feel like the experience was an interesting/significant one.

    Anyway it's clear to me your blog isn't about wanting stuff or showing off stuff!

    1. I find that idea of sharing a purchase/item depending on significance wise, and interesting to read about. I feel that if I venture more towards that side of blogging I should take after that, as I find your way of discussing style very thoughtful and not show-offy or publicity-like.

  3. i feel awareness and conscious about oneself and your surroundings is marvelous and a wonderful start for collective and individual responsibility. everything within moderation is completely fine...overconsumption is problematic. and on another note, censorship and self-censorship is also problematic...
    i think it is most important to live life to its fullest and to be respectful to yourself and others--in every possible direction & meaning of that word. and i agree with lin, you're not showing off...
    and re: the fashion blogs, they have put me off of magazines and fashion...

    1. The share of censorship and self-censorship in this situation is a very good point, and I think the thing I have the most difficulty with. One part of me says "it's my blog, I should do whatever I want with it" and the other part of me says "I am responsible of what I present and I should be clearly constant." But I think that just discussing the matter here allows me to be more clear about the fact that even if I enjoy certain items, it doesn't mean I'm all for mindless consumption.


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