Thursday, 22 December 2011

Catching up/At the moment

Well, dear readers, it has certainly been a while. Since last post, I have finished my exams, written about 40 pages in less than three weeks, and decided it was the very last time I was putting off doing everything until the last minute. We'll see how that goes, oh dear!
In the meantime, I have also accumulated many images that should hopefully help me go through the winter (sartorially speaking), found new enticing tunes, watched enough episodes of comedy show Kids In The Hall to annoyingly quote them (I'll spare you), started taking care of a stray cat in my neighbourhood, and had my hair cut even shorter than last time (now that I have had my short fix, I just want it to be a little longer--should be perfect in a month).

Without further ado, here's the first part of the long list of things I like at the moment:

Interesting outerwear, because it's getting pretty cold outside.
I very much like how sleek and undistracting her hair is. Her outfit is composed of almost exclusively black, yet the textures of the different materials and the trench coat keep it from the "Vogue editor" look, and bring it nearer to what I associate with well-dressed artists and spies from old movies.
by Stil In Berlin
Although I just praised a good use of black, I also very much like a combination of different darker colours.  I'm not too big on bright colours, but I find that many darker colours can be mixed with a harmonious but subdued effect. And the turban! You know I'm mad about turbans!
by Hel-Looks
This look combines two of my favourite winter wears: the colourful wool scarf to keep both ear and neck warm (something I've taken up doing last winter), and simple black riding boots. My riding boots are tan and my winter coat is black, so I walk around like a reversed version of this, but I'm tempted to get a second pair of boots, in black, similar to these which are not unlike Ukrainian cossack boots.
photo by Vanessa Jackman
Talking about turbans... I bought this Good Night, Day simcoe headband earlier this fall when the amazing Tara-Lynn visited the Puces Pop fair in my town. It is incredibly soft, and makes going out in the cold much easier. It most certainly is one of my best purchases this season, as I wear it very often.
photos via Good Night, Day

It's been such a long time, how have you been? Any new winter looks you've been into?
I'm on a short break from school, so I'll post again very soon (I'm on a good blog-related idea roll)! x


  1. Welcome back! So far this winter has been disturbingly mild in NYC, which on the one hand I appreciate very much but on the other makes me worry about what the hell is going on with the world... but I digress! I have been living in boyish jeans and a cable knit sweater and rotating a white shirt with blue stripes and a blue shirt with white stripes, haha. Oh and a pair of black loafers that are a half size too big and sometimes fall off my feet when I go up stairs :n / It's December 22nd and it still feels like Fall...

  2. P.S. Any time you wanna quote Kids in the Hall, I'm game!

  3. it certainly has been some time! which is fine because I've been without stable internet so I would have gotten behind.
    Did you ever make that dress?
    I managed to do some sewing at my friends place in France over the last couple weeks, I shall put some pictures up at some stage. So I've been living in what I've made, because living out of a suitcase means getting sick of recycling outfits really quick!

  4. Ringo: Man, I hope the NY weather will go back to normal soon, that's scary! I'm wearing pretty much the same thing (the blue-white/white-blue really made me laugh!), although I've switched to cords ever since my jeans were stolen at the laundromat :(
    Nice to learn you're a KITH fan too, I might be very tempted not to spare people after all!

    Jessicat: No, I have to admit I still haven't gotten around making the dress (I have been so busy with school and work), although I might start working on it today! I would really like to see the new things you've made!


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