Tuesday, 19 July 2011



What weeks I have been having! I am currently working full time as an unglamourous 'fine' grocery store cashier, and all my time and energy have been sucked up by my job. I should eventually get a better schedule which should allow me to do other things, like answering e-mails, or cook good meals for myself for more than two days a week. Although I have no idea whether I will have children or not, or whether I will be freelancing or working from home --or have anything in common with those women, actually!-- in the future, I have been enjoying reading the balance posts on A Cup Of Jo. If those women can take care of themselves, of children and have some kind of a balanced life, so can I with my little job! I should be able to water my houseplants properly, feed myself good food, get some rest and still have time to discover interesting things. I am working on making the most out of my days, and writing more frequently on this blog will be part of that.
Nancy has passed on to me the "7 things about my style" award (is it called an award, or is it a quiz?), and I am pretty excited about sharing some of my favourite things with you as soon as I can get some properly lit photos.
That's what's up, what's been going on, and what's coming next! xo

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