Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Making my heart sing


Things I enjoy at the moment (it's a quite long and eclectic list, be prepared!):

-Overcoming fears. I sung karaoke for the first time last week, and although I was very nervous at first, I ended up enjoying it very much. I think that the contrast between being almost terrified to sing in public and hearing a song that I like makes the feeling of accomplishment all the better.

-Salade niçoise, with tuna instead of anchovies, and sundried black olives instead of capers. Enough said, miam!

-Seeing classic movies that I kept putting off watching, namely The Big Sleep and Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. After a nasty virus took over my computer (and my throat) over the weekend, I finally got around getting the right cord for my dvd player (I used to find all my movies online, hum-hum). How have I lived without a tv-dvd set all that time? At the moment, it still feels quite luxurious.

-That's not something I'm really enjoying, but I'm slowly wrapping my head around wearing less pointy, more 'sensible' shoes. I have mentioned before that I danced ballet for many years, and I'm now paying the price for dancing on un-healed injuries. The only way to correct my foot now is through surgery, so I'm doing my best not to make things worse. Were pointe shoes really worth it? I'm not so sure anymore. Take care of your feet before it's too late!

-Buying records on an impulse. I'm so happy I finally got Nico's Chelsea Girl!

-I just finished F. Scott Fitzgerald's Six Tales of the Jazz Age and Other Stories and I highly recommed it. If you only have a few stories to read from it, you should have a look at "The Camel's Back", "The Lees of Happiness", "Hot and Cold Blood" and "Gretchen's Forty Winks" (actually, read the whole book, the stories are all very good!). You all know I have a soft spot for the 1920s' culture, but besides that, I found that so many things on which F.S.F. comments still ring very true today.

What's been making your heart sing as of late?


  1. Waah I am also terrified of singing in public… I guess I just imagine that it would go fine for the first minute and then I would become painfully aware of boring everyone with my normal-bad voice for the rest of the song. Also, jealous of your Nico record and of your seeing Cat On A Hot Tin Roof for the first time! I love that movie.

    Lately I am enjoying running (albeit indoors, unfortunately, because of all this cold and rain), realist plays, peanut butter vegetarian chili and listening to/laughing at Flanders and Swann.

    Have a nice Tuesday!

  2. Oh man, Karaoke rules!! I personally believe its all about finding the right bar!! In wellington we only really have 2, one is full of way to cool for school people that don't dance so it's a bit awkward and the other is full of, well not really full, but there's so much space dancing in mandatory, that way you're not embarrassed to sing!
    Oh and making my heart sing? I'm booking my tickets to Europe next week!! Iee!!

  3. great list! great to watch a classic and discover why it is a classic! i add to your list: german riesling with a touch of sweetness. nothing like it to lift you from spring to summer's edge. xo bb

  4. lovely post.
    what's making my heart sing??
    the kindness of strangers.

  5. Katie: I'm sure it wouldn't go that badly! Peanut butter vegetarian chili? That sounds oddly delicious, can you share the recipe with me or post it (I still haven't forgotten about my sucre a la creme, it's coming!)?
    Jessicat: I am yet to sing in a bar (its brave of you!), it was just at my neighbour's flat! And tickets to Europe, how exciting!
    BB: I've never had german riesling, you really make me want to try it!
    If Jane: Thank you, and yes, it always happily surprises me!


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