Saturday, 12 March 2011

Ways of Seeing

Again, found via Miette, a blog I recently discovered through Winesburg, Ohio. Both are favourites of mine, you should go have a look at them!
À nouveau, trouvé via Miette, un blog que j'ai découvert récemment à-travers Winesburg, Ohio. Tous deux sont parmis mes préférés, vous devriez aller leur jeter un coup d'oeil!


  1. Oh hey, the girl behind Winesburg is one of my best friends! She's kinda brilliant, right??

  2. ah yes! john berger's "ways of seeing" ...i had to read it as uni...i thought it was a great read! shall have to watch this...merci! ;)0

  3. Ringo: Lucky you, she seems to be pretty awesome (and everything she posts is mad interesting)!
    If Jane: I didn't know it was originally a book, I would very much like to read it, thanks for the tip!


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