Monday, 20 December 2010

My type

The Index-Israeli Blue.

Cannot stop listening to them.


Je ne peux cesser de les écouter.


  1. If Jane: It's one of my favourite musical discoveries of the year!

  2. great suggestion - i'm always on the look out for good music. i have notoriously bad taste in (non-classical) music. but for what it's worth i've been listening to

    but it does have a slightly obsessive quality.

    btw really digging this music - i can see playing it on repeat! xo bb

  3. actually - where did you get this album? i have done some googling and have had a hard time finding it... xo bb

  4. BB- My boyfriend's brother often plays that song when he visits, but I don't think it's possible to find the album anywhere else than youtube, which is terribly frustrating. The only information I found about them was from here: ... I'm still crossing my fingers in hope to find a copy of the re-released album from the 80's!


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