Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Summer holidays

I'm back, finally! After being internet-less for a week (we were only connected yesterday night), I am stopping by to say a quick 'hello' as I am leaving tomorrow morning for the cottage (which is very exciting, I haven't swam in about three years! and we're taking the train!).

A few new things:


-I finished John Fante's 'Ask the Dust', which I highly recommend


-During my internet-free days, I rediscovered the magic of national television in the summer thanks to my old, little television with antennas and watched 'A Hard Day's Night' in french as well as some Agatha Christie movies

-I also rediscovered radio by (finally!) finding one both small and with a good sound at Salvation Army (does anyone know if there's any jazz station in Montreal?)

-Neutrogena's Sheer sunscreen: it's not sticky!

-Friendship bracelets

-St. Henri brocantes: I found a pair of shoes similar to these for... $1 !


-Cinema du Parc screening twelve Truffaut movies: I went to see 'Tirez sur le pianiste' and 'Jules et Jim' - rent them or go see them if you're in Montreal!

I'll be back with some cottage pictures (if I don't forget to pack my camera)!

(Photos: 1 , 2 , 3)


  1. that book looks amazing. I'm totally going to seek it out for my next uni holidays, I fear i wont have enough time before next week, NEXT WEEK. Shit and hell.

  2. I love Jules et Jim!! If you can pick up CKCU (93.1 fm) there's a really good jazz program Wednesday nights from 9 to 11.

  3. Jessica: You should, it IS amazing! Yay for uni holidays!

    Katie: Thanks for the tip, I'll see if my little radio can do it tomorrow!


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