Saturday, 22 May 2010

Lovely scent and sun


Kiehl's 'Essence Oil' is my most recent discovery in terms of perfumes. I do not usually like perfumes unless they have a recognizable scent, so when I first read about this one on A Cup of Jo, I really had to have a look (a smell?) at it in store. My favourite is Grapefruit which is so fresh and true to the real scent of the fruit it makes me want to lick my wrists when I wear it! It's like summer in a bottle, lying in tall grass and feeling a light breeze in your hair... The only down is that I liked it so much I finally brought myself to pay the $40 price it is in Canada (opposed to the $26 price tag in the U.S.)... Grrr. Should have ordered it online. Now, enough blogging, time to go outside (and find tall grass, and summer breeze...)!

via FineLD1

(Photo found via Fine Little Day)


  1. haha, i love the idea of you licking your wrists!


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