Saturday, 22 May 2010

Lovely scent and sun


Kiehl's 'Essence Oil' is my most recent discovery in terms of perfumes. I do not usually like perfumes unless they have a recognizable scent, so when I first read about this one on A Cup of Jo, I really had to have a look (a smell?) at it in store. My favourite is Grapefruit which is so fresh and true to the real scent of the fruit it makes me want to lick my wrists when I wear it! It's like summer in a bottle, lying in tall grass and feeling a light breeze in your hair... The only down is that I liked it so much I finally brought myself to pay the $40 price it is in Canada (opposed to the $26 price tag in the U.S.)... Grrr. Should have ordered it online. Now, enough blogging, time to go outside (and find tall grass, and summer breeze...)!

via FineLD1

(Photo found via Fine Little Day)

Friday, 21 May 2010




(Have a look at these tights' knees!)






(Another DIY idea.)


(Gloria Swanson, again!)
A few new little inspiring photographs. In other news, I, erm, 'jumped in the bandwagon' and started working at American Apparel this week. I'm now a stock-girl, which means I fold, steam, prepare and run after clothing all day long. Although it might not seem enjoyable, it surprisingly is. I like to always have something to do at work; I'd be very unhappy if I had been assigned a floor position though... The thing I'm not so happy about is to have to wear ONLY the store's clothes, goodbye flowery patterns! At least, there's a lot I like in the newer collection.
Also, I am currently doing researches about women and feminism in the 1920's for a class I'm taking by correspondence, I can't wait to be over with that!
That's all for now, how are you doing?

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Fun with camera

Here are some pictures I've been working on recently. Right now, I'm still really just taking pictures of everything I can find to photograph, colour combinations that attract my attention.


Some of my Salvation Army finds.

Open book

Fabulous stains


Delicious pizza topping.

Borges feathers

A feather hairclip I made myself.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sunny afternoon ?

I've been listening to this song repeatedly since yesterday. I find that the combination of the 60's rock ballad with the ragtime-ish sections makes it touching, but catchy nonetheless. Also, it helps that I'm a big Kinks fan...

On a sidenote, have you ever tried to mix a bit of cardamom with your coffee grains before brewing it? I usually dislike flavoured coffees, but this one is just perfectly perfumed, a hint of a taste.

(The combination of the two previous paragraphs is a must!)

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Interesting purchase






Since some of my friends moved out of the city for the summer (and some for even longer), we decided to correspond by mail. I bought this Penguin set of postcards to send to all my friends, and I'm even finding random excuses just to use them!

Sunday, 2 May 2010








The neighbours' cat thinks our apartment is its home. I'm not complaining! (It is now sleeping on the kitchen table.)

Saturday, 1 May 2010


"Only then did I learn that the Belgian had inhaled a solution of gold cyanide--which he shared with his dog--after seeing All Quiet on the Western Front, the picture by Lewis Milestone based on the novel by Erich Maria Remarque. Popular intuition, which always finds the truth even when it seems impossible, understood and proclaimed that the Belgian had not been able to endure the shock of seeing himself crushed with his decimated patrol in a morass of mud in Normandy." -Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Living to Tell the Tale, p.100-101.

Believe it or not...

Ever had marzipan chocolate? It's one of the most delicious things I've ever tasted, the combination of my two favourite sweets. Believe it or not, my fantastic grocery store ("since 1927") carries it and sells it for... $1.

Publicity break





Most of the clothing I own is thrifted, but whenever I go to Ottawa, I always visit Aritzia. It's lucky the store doesn't exist in Montreal as it is quite expensive (by comparison to my thrifted items!) and that most of what they sell is quite interesting in design and fabric. It is one of the rare stores that always carry all-wool sweaters during the winter as well as very soft and durable flannel shirts (I have been buying one every year since I got my first job). Also, their website and lookbook are very inspiring as they offer unexpected combinations and layerings; their silk and cashmere vintage-ish pieces always make me want to run to the closest charity shop to shamelessly copy their newest looks!

All pictures from the Aritzia blog.