Tuesday, 19 August 2014


On a buying trip, moments after I out-vintaged the 80-something year-old owner of the antique shop behind me (I'm sorry), and wearing one of my finds like a trophy on my chest. The pin belonged to the habilleuse of the Montreal operette, which was conveniently located by the city's deaf institute (as told by the shop's owner). Make out of that what you wish.

Weirdly enough, this photo wasn't even posed - I thank the drunken friend of a friend who broke my hat's chin elastic, a good gust of wind, and my dad's fondness for photography.

I feel like I've been typing the phrase 'for the first time in years' too often recently, and yet this summer truly has seen many a 'first time in years' event. I have been working less which has allowed me to take a number a short trips with my family, something I hadn't realised I really missed. This summer in a nutshell: a day trip to Quebec city (during which I took two rolls of yet undeveloped photographic evidence which might one day make it here, hopefully), a buying trip for my shop (which was lightly documented on my *new* instagram), and a short stay at my family's ancestral farmhouse where my parents were taking care of my cousin's horses and cats (heavily documented on instagram and on undeveloped film).

Monday, I'm leaving for a short trip to New York and Brooklyn, where I've never been. Everyone I tell is surprised a 24 year-old eastern Canadian like me has never been, but as I've bragged told everyone, well, maybe I haven't been out of the country for 7 years, but the last time I was out I went to China. Part of the trip was planned with the help of Hannah Metz's take on Brooklyn in Lauren Winter's travel guide of a few years back (of which I did the Montreal section!) and from reading so many New York/Brooklyn-based blogs over the past years. I'm really looking forward to visiting the places I've read so much about, albeit perhaps more empty-pocketed than I had hoped. Here's to the frugal vacation (a great read on Stevie's blog) and to finally getting out of town.
Please do let me know of any places I absolutely must visit, or if you'd like to meet and grab a coffee!


  1. The photos are beautiful. Have fun in New York and Brooklyn. I don't have any strong recommendations but I do recommend try thrifting there if you have time!

  2. Beautiful photos xx



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