Monday, 28 January 2013

"I think this is the best costume for today"


Confezioni Crosby Lookbook, F/W 2012.
Photos: Bill Gentle
Styling: Fanny Bostrom Gentle

This amazing lookbook has been around the internet and back, and I hesitated about posting it yet again here, but I simply cannot get enough of it. Give me the entire collection, or even these exact outfits (acutally, minus the white tights: I like the look on others, but ever since my mother pointed out they make my legs look like they're both in casts, I can't unsee it), and I'd wear them with pride and comfort. The settings show the promise of good food, drinks, and books, as well as quiet adventures that let you be home in time for dinner (and you know, a delicious dinner). Also, the model looks like a really cool girl whom I wouldn't mind being friends with, and she's seriously making me want to grab the scissors and get a fringe again.
It was incredibly cold out last week (-25 Celsius for most of the week), and I'm oddly getting inspired to actually make the most out of the warmest pieces of clothing I own instead of just giving up and piling on my entire collection of wool sweaters (which would, on second thought, probably be impossible). Quilted dresses, casual blazers, and rust/burgundy velvet everything sound like the best way to go.


  1. man, I want to live there. wonder where it was shot? amazing.. especially love the pajama set and the red overall jumper.

    1. Me too! I know it was shot in London, but didn't find any more precise information--probably because the person to whom it belongs would be swarmed by people wanting to take over their house (like me).

  2. thank you for doing so -- I can't get enough of it either. Lavender tights! How have I been surviving this long without them??? I too want to be this girls friend, get a fringe, live in these places, and become a bartender. Well done Don Draper.

    1. I know, lavender tights!! Although I think that'd be more of Michael Ginsberg's doing, haha.

  3. oh this is really you! your style! ;)0

  4. well, well, well. I had never seen these so many thanks! They are wonderful, and such a good reminder that dressing can be about creating a costume rather than having to mold a specific style thats the same every day. Though...these all have such a theme running through them. Lucky! I've been saving so I can go shopping once we've settled again! Looks like I'll be getting some velvet...everythings.

    1. "Creating a costume," I like that idea! And yes, velvet everything sounds like a perfect plan!


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