Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Part 2: Fall 2012's Obligatory Extra-Long Fashion-Themed Post

UnoCosa by Dusty Rose Vintage.

Agnès, by Garance Doré, Winter 2009.
From Hel Looks, March 2008.
Molly Ringwald from ?
New York Subway Car, 1985, from Smithsonian Magazine, via here.
Nina, designer of Toujours Toi/Family Affairs. I love this photo, the decor, her outfit.
Iris Palmer, via here (google brought me there). She has the best hair and fantastic style.
I had planned to finish writing this post the day after Part 1, but school and the need to get rid of clothes/the wish to gain some kind of a disposable income (aka etsy) got in the way. The good thing is, I still like the list I made almost a month ago. I feel more confident in attempting to find some of the items since I now know I did not write them down because I saw this photo or that person wearing them on the day I added them, and plus, I now have silly stories about trying to purchase or find almost every item.

So, in a few words, what interests me these days:

-fuzzy, textured sweaters in angora or mohair;
I was inpired by Stevie to have a look at what H&M had to offer (as you know, I'm pretty iffy about where I shop, but I was curious) and bought a beautiful burgundy 70% angora sweater. Then I went out and a) remembered an aweful incident of my youth where one of my uncles got an allergic reaction to my angora sweater and couldn't stay less than 4 meters aways from me for the rest of the evening, b) realised that although 70% is great by most stores' standards these days, I should still keep my 80% and up standard for knits anyway, and c) thought that blablabla it wouldn't last, and blablabla charity shop cheaper. So I returned it. A good 10 minutes after purchase. Story a) won't keep me from buying one if I find it - I don't see my uncle that often, and I have other sweaters - but I freaked out at the thought of buying something that might not last me long and cost more than 10$. I mean, I don't mind pretty high prices if I know I can trust the quality of the product, but middle-range priced, unknown quality items scare me. Silly, I know.

-anonymous clothes;
i.e. an amazing pair of high-waisted, black cord slacks I found at a charity shop and adjusted.

-my own classics rather than some 'ultimate classics' which are currently... in fashion (not that they are necessarily mutually exclusive);

-drop-waist dresses;
I don't own any yet.

-skirts and tights;
Although I wear them on most outfit photos I have posted so far, I actually mainly wear pants. But since I fell down the stairs at my work and ripped the back of my favourite jeans (I have sewn them back, but they don't look the same), I have been back into my other bottoms options. Also, for some reason, thick tights make me feel like I'm both wearing pyjamas and ready to dance.

-funny, interesting details like a bit of glitter or some silly socks;
I really like the idea of wearing shoes and socks (like above), or a dress and tights that are the same colour. I remember reading in Cheap Date's Guide to Style: "Shoes with opaque tights the same color elongate the leg. It always looks a bit strange - in a good way, and you can pull off a bright color like red with dull clothes" (118).

-pushing myself out of my comfort zone, but not too much.
Earlier this month, I finally gave in and bought the Family Affairs Roxanne skirt in leopard print I was obsessed with. It hasn't arrived yet, but I keep dreaming of fun ways to wear it. A very small, but exciting challenge for me.

Very vague, n'est-ce pas? I'm pretty much repeating the same thing from one style roundup to another, but oh well, I always like doing these lists since they help me get a better idea of my own taste. I'm sharing it because I enjoy reading other people's (this is today's hint to 'write your own version in the comments,' hehe).

Also, happy Halloween :)


  1. Oh la la, I love family affairs! I have been scrolling through everything they have trying to think of a good reason to buy something. Which just now made me realise I graduate soon and as a gift to myself was going to buy a new outfit. Including shoes!
    I chuckled so much at your comment about thick tights. I love things that make me feel like I can dance. It normally results in me doing a weird thrust move that's reserved specially for that feeling.
    I am totally going to make a little list and do an inspiration post myself. Probably on the weekend when I need a study break, but I'm also totally pro socks, matching them with things sounds amazing!

    1. I got lucky with Family Affairs last year, and managed to get a dress I had been dreaming of for half the sale price during their 'Holiday treats' event; you might want to check their blog on a daily basis in december, perhaps there'll be treats this year again! Also, I'm looking forward to seeing your inspiration post, I always like seeing what inspires others!

  2. YES especially molly ringwald and nina from family affairs! I'm with you on low-to-mid price point clothing. trying to get away from that a little more and buy only good, classic staples at higher prices to keep my closet less stuffed but more wearable and less trendy. it's hard to do, though. so much of what I buy is disposable, I think - lower priced trendy clothes and lots of thrift store finds - but if it's thrifted at least I feel better about price and eco friendliness.

    1. I'm the same, I'm trying hard, but my closet is indeed stuffed with thrifted items that slowly trickle into my etsy shop. But I don't feel too bad about thrifted items: as you said, buying them is reusing others' cast-offs, and you really can find great quality items for little money. I think thrifting for so long has made me more critical of quality, even/especially that of higher price points!


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