Thursday, 21 April 2011

7 Things About Me


Supah star Nancy (that's what she calls fellow bloggers, I think it's pretty awesome!) gave me the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so much, Nancy!

In return, I have to tell you seven things about me. I originally thought I'd tell you about my favourite books, or favourite bands, but that's pretty much all I usually write about... So here are seven things you would probably not guess from reading my blog:

1. I love goat cheese. Not only love, I simply cannot live without it. Every time my parents visit me, they bring me a wholesale-sized package of goat cheese.

2. I have a bit of an odd accent, no matter which language I speak. I was born and raised in Quebec, but I have already been asked if I had a work visa because I apparently had a French accent. When speaking English, I have fooled people many times into thinking I'm Eastern-European. I've deeply disappointed this lovely Polish lady who worked at my favourite fast-food stand in Ottawa (Sasha's, on York St. if you're ever around!).

3. I have an oval birth mark on my right arm. Someone at Summer camp already tried to slap it off thinking it was a fly.

4. I'm an only child, but I come from a very big family. I have so many older (from 4 to 30 years of difference) cousins that I am yet to meet someone my age who has attended as many weddings as me, including two on the same day(!).

5. I have a swallow tattooed on my back.

6. I used to be obsessed with the Beatles, especially in their Hamburg period, which is a bit silly, really, considering there's barely any recordings from that era but plenty of photos!
(On a side note, as I didn't speak or understand English that well when I started listening to them, I learnt all the lyrics with occasional slight variations such as "For the benefit of MYSTIC EYE". I also thought that "fixing a hole" meant staring at a hole since "fixer" means "to stare"...)

7. I can make a mean sucre à la crème with sea salt topping!

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Photo: self-portrait taken with disposable camera. I'm wearing my mum's old dress from the 70's!


  1. a) I LOVE goat cheese too! Oh man. If I had to pick three things to always, always have in my kitchen, they would probably be black pepper, garlic and goat cheese. Deeeeeelish!
    b) I also love that you used to be obsessed with the Beatles, since I was too! I think the Rubber Soul period was the one that made the most impression on me at the time, but Help! was also my professed favorite film from ages 10-15 or so haha.

    I promise I'll get around the honoring your tag one of these days. There's been an awful lot of ME ME ME on my blog recently, I think I need a break haha, but I think it's high time I manned up and tackled this particular meme ;n )

  2. Seconded on the goat cheese! I'm an only child too, with loads of cousins - all my first cousins are girls, all my second cousins are boys, which is strange. I've only had to go to about a wedding a year so far, but this may escalate soon! And though I'm 100% English my accent veers wildly - I pick up other people's accents really easily - after living in Italy, then having Scandinavian housemates I had a mid Euro accent, which was amusing!

    Cheers for the tag, shall get on it soon...


  3. Haha that is nice about your accent, it makes you seem so AMBIGUOUS. And anytime anyone is bothering you you can just say you are late for your flight back to Poland or whatever.

    You should post your sucre à la crème recipe!

    Thanks for the tag!! We will honour it soon!

  4. oh oh oh!! i am charmed! well you are a supah star whose self-portrait was taken with a disposable camera and i am sure leonard cohen (some time-machine thing between you both) would have written a song about you! ;)) all cool!! ;))

  5. Siri: Oh yes, Rubber Soul made quite an impression on me as well! I still dream of one day having an apartment like the one in Help!, especially that underground bed! I've always had a soft spot for A Hard Day's Night (the movie like the album) though, if just for the scene in which John disappears in the bathtub haha. And no worries, take your time for the answers :)

    Claire: I think that accents, even when they've been unconsciously picked up, are really charming; it's like you're carrying your life experience through your pronunciation. I'm looking forward to reading your answers! x

    Katie: Oh yes, I really should take advantage of it haha! I'll post my recipe very soon, it's disappointingly easy!

    If Jane: Oh, I wish haha! :)


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