Sunday, 25 July 2010







The fringe: keep it or grow it?

Photos: 1?, 2, 3?, 4, 5.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

National Geographic


Maynard Owen Williams.


J. Baylor Roberts.


Maynard Owen Williams.

I recently discovered National Geographic publishes a 'photo of the day'. Have a look for yourself here!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Title: Lady Ashley


I recently finished reading The Sun Also Rises, another book I highly recommend. I am always surprised, when reading works from the 'lost generation', how the lifestyle and moral of the characters are similar to that of many people today while often being even more decadent. Affairs, travels, drinks, lots of drinks, music, toreros, friendships, broken hearts, being lost, broke: here's what Hemingway has in store for you.

Photo: 1.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Dear Agatha

"I know a man who saw the ghost of his brother... before he even died." -The Sittaford Mystery


(Watch it also to see a then little known Carey Mulligan, who happens to be wearing an awesome blazer in this picture.)

For me summer is... (Pt. 4)


1960's music (ok, ok, that's a year-long thing, I know!). My most-played album this summer is The Byrds' Mr. Tambourine Man. While I am quite a fan of Bob Dylan (most of the tracks on this album are covers of his songs), I find myself listening to his music more in cooler weather, go figure why. This month, folk-rock is the way to go!

Photo: 1.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Once again


I am leaving for a few days, going to the Bluesfest in Ottawa to see The Gories! I discovered them very recently via Victoire and am now very excited for their show on Thursday night!


(If you're going too, make sure to come and say hi! This is what I look like, I don't own many pictures of myself so that'll do, ha!)

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I know what you did last summer

(I've never seen the movie, and am not sure I even want to, but I thought the title was quite appropriate)
I took all of these with a disposable camera, so expect guest appearances of my fingers, 'soft' focus (or plain out-of-focus!) and weird angles. I'm getting very fond of how unexpected the results are and how the pictures turned out to have some kind of a Diana effect.
















Apparently, Brockville ON is the hometown of some die-hard Rush fans!

For me summer is... (Pt. 3)

Magazines! While I barely buy any during the rest of the year, I accumulate a good amount during the summer.
Here are my current favourites:

-The New Yorker


-Worn Fashion Journal (there's a new one out!)



-Marie Claire idées

-Le Point grand angle

This last one pleasantly surprised me: I bought the 'Paris comme vous ne l'avez jamais vue' issue, which was informative and esthetically appealing. Here are two of my favourite photos from the magazine (also the rare ones available online!):



Notice Boris Vian playing trumpet at the left!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Get back to where you once belonged




And I'm back! I had quite a good time at the cottage with my boyfriend's whole family, spending my time between floating on the lake, playing scrabble, reading The Sun Also Rises and looking for abandoned zebra mussel shells. I did not bring my 'good' camera altough I found a few expired disposable cameras at a local grocery store (they gave me a big discount on them!) and took a whole bunch of pictures of water and shadows.

Photos: A Cup of Jo, 2, John French.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

For me summer is... (Pt. I)

Remember when you had to write such compositions in elementary school? Here's the first part of what this overwhelming heat wave inspires me.

Summer holidays

I'm back, finally! After being internet-less for a week (we were only connected yesterday night), I am stopping by to say a quick 'hello' as I am leaving tomorrow morning for the cottage (which is very exciting, I haven't swam in about three years! and we're taking the train!).

A few new things:


-I finished John Fante's 'Ask the Dust', which I highly recommend


-During my internet-free days, I rediscovered the magic of national television in the summer thanks to my old, little television with antennas and watched 'A Hard Day's Night' in french as well as some Agatha Christie movies

-I also rediscovered radio by (finally!) finding one both small and with a good sound at Salvation Army (does anyone know if there's any jazz station in Montreal?)

-Neutrogena's Sheer sunscreen: it's not sticky!

-Friendship bracelets

-St. Henri brocantes: I found a pair of shoes similar to these for... $1 !


-Cinema du Parc screening twelve Truffaut movies: I went to see 'Tirez sur le pianiste' and 'Jules et Jim' - rent them or go see them if you're in Montreal!

I'll be back with some cottage pictures (if I don't forget to pack my camera)!

(Photos: 1 , 2 , 3)