Friday, 25 June 2010

Montréal moving

As I'm moving my belongings (but not myself, that'll be on Wednesday) this Monday into my new apartment, I've been living in a land of boxes and clutter for the past week or so. I can't wait to be out of here!


Ensuite Thomsen Bensemoun 16

Ensuite Thomsen Bensemoun 8



11_14_08_Guy_Maximilla_8916 selby


The things I'll miss:
-the neighbours' cat visits;
-living almost above the cheapest grocery store in Montreal;
-being very close to my favourite coffee shops and vintage stores;
-being able to walk to two of my favourite venues (Sala Rossa and Casa del Popolo).

The things I won't miss:
-the black mold in the washroom and the livingroom;
-the clubbing festivals and the street being closed;
-having to fight drunk people to go home;
-not being able to afford anything in the aforementioned vintage stores;
-the NOISE;
-how small and strangely constructed my apartment is.

The things I am looking forward to:
-a bigger, nicer living space;
-adopting a cat of my own;
-the street being quiet at night;
-living closer to a laudromat;
-living closer to the Atwater market;
-cooking more at home;
-living closer to my favourite Salvation Army;
-living closer to another of my favourite show venues (Friendship Cove);
-living in a more interesting neighbourhood (St. Henri) which is not trendy (I'm leaving the Plateau);
-painting in greens and yellows;
-making my new place feel like home.

(Photos via Fine Little Day (1), Ensuite (2,3), ? (4,7), Chivalry (5), The Selby (6))

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